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Behind Jaan


Defining Jaan


\ juh • āā • n \

The word Jaan is derived from a Hindi/Urdu word with many meanings, but most commonly used is life or love.

The Jaan Timeline

Since Jaan has been in the market, it has been recognized globally by several of the top alcohol beverage competition for its top quality, innovation and taste. 

The Inspiration

Jaan’s story begins in 2007 in Raj's home kitchen where the creation of this award-winning Paan Liqueur was first created by using the finest ingredients and his imagination. With a life long passion to create unique alcoholic beverages, an impossible dream became a reality; Jaan was born.

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The Blending of Cultures

Handcrafted with care, integrity and lots of love, Jaan is locally made in Ontario, Canada and is inspired by two cultures becoming one, where the East meets the West.

By combining Eastern flavours of paan along with exotic Indian spices (cardamon, anise, cinnamon, rose, clove, beetle leaf) and blend it with vanilla, citrus and maple to produce our award-winning liqueur. 


Jaan’s cross-cultural combinations are full of aromatics, unique flavours are the perfect modern twist on an age-old tradition.

Meet the Founder

Born in India, Raj came to Canada at a young age of 8 and proudly call Canada his home. He obtained my B Sc. degree from the University of Toronto in computer science and math and worked as a project management consultant for over 30 years primarily in the financial sector.However, he has always had a creative flare and a love of food and drinks. Making his own wine and beer, wood working and cooking and serving delicious food in his home to family and friends are some of his  passions along with spending time with nature, camping, fishing and golfing.

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