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Our Signature Products


Canadian Whisky

40% alc./vol.

Made with the finest natural ingredients, our whiskey is handcrafted and aged in the Paan liqueur barrels. The result is remarkably smooth and balanced, with exquisite floral, spicy and fruity notes.

An enticing, complex floral aroma with a kaleidoscope of toasted spice notes. The smooth and mellow melody of rich spices lifts off the tongue and lingers through an extra long, unforgettable finish.

Paan Liqueur

25% alc./vol.

Jaan Paan is a delicate balance of the finest Canadian maple syrup, citrus, vanilla and warm Indian spices.  A rich, luscious spirit is unlike any other liqueur in the world, when savoured on ice or added to your favourite cocktail it will transport you to a new dimension of flavour for an unforgettable experience.


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